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Located in Southern Europe, Portugal is an exotic country that makes revel.casino an ideal holiday destination because it has everything from pristine beaches to dramatic scenery to fairytale-esque castles! Thus, there is something for everyone in Portugal. rivers.casino What makes Portugal work as a holiday destination is its rich and unique culture, the lively cities bustling with activities and the peaceful and picturesque countryside. If you are looking to just have a good and relaxing time in Portugal then you should book a stay in one of the many resorts there. These resorts offer comfortable accommodation, great nightlife, sumptuous food, relaxing beaches, adrenaline-pumping water sports and so on. Thus, Holidays to Portugal are definitely worthwhile and you'll be able to create a lot of long-lasting vacation memories here!

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Where to Visit

When you are in Portugal for a holiday, you should ensure that you pay a visit to the National parks. If you are an outdoor activity enthusiast then you will love parks like Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela or the Parque Nacional da Peneda Geres. You can engage in activities like caving, mountain biking and hiking in these parks. If you are fond of visiting medieval and historic locations then a visit to Lisbon would be a wise choice. This city, which is nestled along a series of hills has plenty to offer to tourists and visitors like the streets of the Alfama district, the Warren of narrow alleys and so on. The city also has a good concentration of restaurants offering good food. A noteworthy one would be Lisbon's Kitchen.

For beach lovers, holidays to Portgual simply aren't complete without a stopover at Algarve. The best time to visit this beach would be from mid-April to October because the weather would be warm during this time of the year. If you enjoy the finer things in life then you should check out the upmarket Vilamoura resort which offers a tiny marina complete with sleek yachts, plenty of fresco eateries and high end stores. Of course the country also has plenty to offer to budget vacationers. A majority of the beaches here in Portugal have cheap cafes and restaurants therefore you will be able to have some affordable and value for money refreshments during your stay in the country.

Shopping in Portugal

For shopaholics, Lisbon is the place to be. The main shopping district here is Baixa, which is also known as Downtown Lisbon. This is not only the primary shopping district but also the main banking district. There are lots of shops, cafes, museums, restaurants and tourist spots here. If you intend to visit a high end shopping district then the Rua Garrett in the Chiado is the place to be. This is a sophisticated and elegant shopping area that features turn of the century departmental stores and upmarket boutiques. Resorts such as Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura in Algarve also have a handful of posh shops to explore. People generally purchase leather goods, woollen blankets, ceramics, olive oil, honey and port wine when shopping for souvenirs in Portugal because these are the national specialities.